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SCA Filk's Journal
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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
10:16 pm
Lunacon is looking for Filk Volunteers in New York!
Filkers! The Filk events have had their settings corrected and are now visible on Zambia! Check out the events or reach out to me directly at Filk@lunacon.org

We need volunteers for:
Fri 4p Early Bird Filking 2 people
9p open filking 1 person
Sat 10a The Life of a Filker 1 person
Noon Food Songs Filk Circle 2 people
7p Travel Songs Circle 1 person
8p Alien Song Circle 2 people
10:30p Ghost Songs Circle 2 people
11:30p open filking 2 people
Sun 10a Early Bird Filking 2 people
Noon Eccumenifilk Filk Circle 1 person
1p Memorial Filk 1 person

Email me at filk@lunacon.org

Marc Grossman
Saturday, December 31st, 2011
1:36 pm
the Meg Davis fund raiser is on!
Hi All,

This is a plea to help Meg Davis return to the musical world!
For those who don't know her, her credits include the timeless "Captain Jack and the Mermaid" (both the song and the album).

But now technology can allow her muse to return if only we can help her raise the money!
Please email me at commander.truestar at Verizon {dot} netfor her paypal address if you're interested in helping!

Below, please find a message from Meg.


Meg wrote:
"My Dear Peeps,
I have a plan for all who wish to help me create using new technology. Although the main idea behind this fundraiser is for me to get a recording set-up to do new music, it may be that I end up creating art, poetry or fantastic stories. I could record some of my storytelling or video my animations...all kinds of neat things could happen.
So, here's the deal : if you contribute towards the equipment I badly need, I want to be in touch with you (if you like). If you provide me with your email address and/or your mailing address I will keep you informed as to my creative progress. I might also send a postcard or funny letter in the mail to make you smile. And, of course, when I have something ready to publish to the world you will get it free first.

I look forward to having fun with this ! I look forward to creating music and art in a whole new way !

Many Thanks and Lots of Love,
;) Meg Davis"

I have been shown how I can use the iPad in adaptive ways (which I think is what Steve Jobs might have actually had in mind......that people with disabilities would be able to use his products to do great things in spite of limitations). I have a friend from the Blind Association who provides guidance now when my vision goes wonky and has guided me to the computer stuff created for folks with 'low vision', Consequently, I have lost my fear that I would not be able to use the iPad. Now that I know it's capabilities I see nothing but promise.

My Paypal account will only be used for the iPad2 purchase and I've already had a contribution. I've been told to get the 64Gig iPad2 for maximum recording space. I can get a 5% discount through my Discover card so the cost from Apple will be around $665.
The other things I need, mic, speakers plus software will be managed with funds from Santa and my Birthday fairy (on Jan. 28).

Well, that's plenty for now. Let me know how you feel about this. Now that I have figured out a way to 'repay' anyone who helps me I feel a lot better. How I will repay YOU will take a wee bit more effort ;)

My best to you this Hogmannay (New Year's Eve),
:) Meg
Saturday, July 9th, 2011
9:20 pm
Anyone looking for a Violin or Clarinet?
Hi folks :D

Those who know me have heard tales of my wife and I treasure hunting...
Today we picked up a lot that had...you guessed it:

A Violin
- Made by Andrew Schroetter per the label inside.
Additional information on the label is:
Geigenbaumeister in Mittenwald/Bayen Jahr
Model Number: 4201/1 (Note: this was hand written and could be a bit different but I could not
capture an image)
Number 16699 (This was stamped) and the date "10/87"
See the Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVKkEhZp-3g for more data

A Clarinet
- In a case with a metal in-set medallion reading "BUNDY" and a silver colored label reading "The Selmer Company"
See the Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LqJbO92szRI for more data

Email me at: Commander.truestar@verizon.net

Monday, January 31st, 2011
10:31 pm
Passing along a request from a friend.  If anyone can help, we'd really appreciate it .
Brigid Connor

I am a former resident of the Midrealm, and I am looking for the lyrics to a
song that was known in the Midrealm.
I'm afraid that I cannot even give the exact title, but I believe it was
called 'to make me a court baroness'. it was to be sung with two people,
where one would sing of tasks and such to be done, while the woman would
respond with 'to make me a court baroness' I wish I could be more specific,
but if you have heard of this song and have the lyrics, then please email
them to me as I have wanted to have this song for a long time.
Thank you,
Lady Aronna Sevan
Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
1:05 am
looking for lyrics
hey guys im hoping someone else has heard of this song...its about vikings and the tune is set to 'do your ears hang low'

any help would be awesome!
Tuesday, September 1st, 2009
10:27 am
Sunday, September 14th, 2008
8:59 pm
The Lament of Haer'Dalis
I've been sitting on this one for a while, but finally gave it its first public airing last night, and I've been asked to post it here. It needs a little bit of background, though.

If you're not familiar with Baldur's Gate 2, you won't get itCollapse )
Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
7:52 pm
i feel this must have been done already...

...but any road, this is the kind of thing that pops into my head when i go surfing around listening to music/videos on youtube.com ...

ttto: lynyrd skynyrd's 'simple man'

Chivalrous Man -
Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: accomplished

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008
6:18 pm
Looking for lyrics

I'm new to this community and joined on a quest for lyrics. While discussing sci-fi filk with someone on-line, she asked if I could explain "The Cripple's Shield Wall" by Leslie Fish, since I used to be in the SCA. I can in vague terms, but it would help if I could send her the lyrics written down. Haven't been able to find it anywhere, and my copy of the song is on a very dead cassette tape.

Would appreciate it if someone could send me the lyrics, or a link to them.

In Service,
Thursday, April 24th, 2008
11:11 pm
Looking For Some Songs
I'm trying to track down some songs known to assorted Lochacians at least.  Perhaps you can help.  There's a reward if you can -- see the end of this post.

wenchilada sings a song that might be called High On The Heather.  It appears to be to the same tune as The Blacksmith (well, one of them) and it has a succession of creatures eating each other.  Ring any bells?

anthraxia sang something at the Friday night Bardic Circle at Festival, involving silly call-back lines and a bell falling out of a belltower onto a couple of young lovers.  I'd love to see the lyrics to that one.

And here's your reward: an earworm from Festival, filked.  Share and enjoy!
Tuesday, April 22nd, 2008
2:07 pm
Filk: The SCA Definition?
I got a discussion going over on filk about what the word "filk" means. This is not yet another "what is filk?" thread, but rather a point of order: see, in Lochac, I believe the word "filk" means what other people call a "parody", more or less what Weird Al Yankovic does in songs like Yoda or Like A Surgeon or Fat. Whereas, to the wider filking community, filk is the folksong of fandom: it doesn't have to be to the tune of some other song, and often isn't.

But I'm wondering if what I see as the Lochac SCA definition (filk = parody) is actually universal to the whole of the SCA, or whether we're in a linguistic minority within the SCA as we are in the wider fannish sense.

Poll #1175108 The SCA Definition of Filk

What does the word "filk" mean to you?

A folk song of fandom, usually science fiction or fantasy fandom
A song written to the tune of some other song
Specifically, a song to another song's tune, using some of the words and structure of the original for humourous effect
Something else
Thursday, January 10th, 2008
9:00 am
Newest SCA drama
I am in the East, but this is about us all. For quick reference, the BOD of the SCA has asked the Grand Council to see what the populace thinks of any kind of 'pay to play' type examples. A second letter revealed that the key question had to do with loyalty to household and kingdom and why the general populace did not feel that same loyalty to the corporation. There is even further clarification at this point. If you wanna read it, go look in the sca lj. , If you want the tune for this song, there is a YouTube vid of the Hoff doing it. :)

Anyway, it all came together in my head and is not perfect, but it makes me smile.

Looking for Meanin'
Mahin Banu, Selena Kaplan
TTO: Hooked on a feelin', Mark Jame

oogah-chocka oogah-chocka, oogah oogah oogah-chocka

First we pay the site fee, day board and for feast,
then non-member surcharge, that is our new beast.
Then you tell us “discuss ‘pay to play’”
I ask you, are your heads okay?

I-I-I, I’m looking for meanin',
You’re high in believing, that we need more to do

But if you want to know about our loyalties
BOD, just ask the question it has naught to do with fees
We are mouthy people, yammer all the time
certain subjects explode like a online mine.

Keyboard antics, when were snowed in home
Don’t need drama, thanks we make our own

I-I-I, I’m looking for meanin',
You’re high in believing, that we need more to do

A new flame war, research brushed aside,
lose all reason, and our tone gets snide,

I-I-I, I’m looking for meanin',
You’re high in believing, that we need more to do

Current Mood: pleased
Wednesday, September 19th, 2007
11:19 pm
the beginnings of a horrible one
This hit me Saturday and I managed to get the 1st verse and the chorus done before concluding that singing Village People for folks that have peerages for being able to use big sticks on me fluently would maybe a bad idea ;)

Young man! grab a sword and a shield
I said, young man! Join me on the list field
Young man, I think you just might be right

Come fight with the KSCA
(knights of the SCA)

A squire you shall be
learn to fight just like me
and the Order of Chivalry!
Friday, August 31st, 2007
1:49 pm
Wednesday, August 15th, 2007
12:10 pm
Wednesday, June 6th, 2007
2:49 pm
Cam Ye Here Tae Bitch?
anthraxia mentioned this community to me a while back, but I misunderstood -- I thought she was talking about a Yahoo!Groups thing, which didn't interest me. But something clicked today and I looked, and here I am.

My name's Karl Faustus von Aachen, Baron of the court of Lochac, but I'm much more widely known as Eric the Fruitbat. By way of introduction, here's a little filk of Cam Ye O'er Frae France, a catchy little Jacobite hatchet-job brought to earwormish life by Steeleye Span. This is dedicated to all those pillocks who can't stop complaining about everything in the SCA, but somehow feel that their complaints are of such inestimable value that they needn't also go to the trouble of fixing what they hate or, better still, learning to live with it. Share and enjoy!

Cam Ye Here Tae Bitch

TTTO Cam Ye O'er Frae France
by Eric TF Bat

Cam ye here tae bitch?
Cam ye here for moanin'?
I saw ye leavin' court;
Wisht ye had nae blown in!
Oh, di'n't ye like the way
Someone got awarded?
What ye had tae say
'S best left unrecorded...

First remove is oot,
Didnae hear ye cheerin'.
Some tucked in but you
Could hardly eat for sneerin'.
Out there came a blade,
Tried tae cut your meat, sir;
Said ye'd rather trade
For a slice of pizza.

Swore the eggs were bad,
Blythely cleared the platter,
Cook was clearly mad,
Using too much butter.
What was not served raw
Cooked had been for ages.
Gin he worked for free,
He's still nae worth his wages!

Got ye up tae dance,
Couldnae find a lady.
When they saw ye prance,
Out they skipped all shady!
They'll be back, ye said,
Bouncing, pert and pretty --
Still they cam not back
Dearie, what a pity!

Hey for talkin' true,
Hey for rulin' proudly.
Hey for such as you
Speakin' out sae loudly.
Many a man has burned,
To be so judgemental.
All the best have learned
Better to be gentle
Wednesday, January 3rd, 2007
5:20 pm
Looking for words to a filk song
The only bits I've got in my head are:

"My old man's a baron [or $something], what do you think about that??
He wears a baron's armour,
he wears a baron's hat!
He wears a baron's clothing,
he wears a baron's [$some other thing a baron might wear]
And when he (something else) he wears a baron's (something)

I heard it once, at a bardic party sung by a bard from out of town. She had a bunch of verses for it, and each one was funnier than the last. Anyone?

Current Mood: contemplative
Wednesday, December 27th, 2006
4:35 pm
Christmas Filking
This was posted by </a></b></a>celsa in her blog and instantly stuck a chord, so , with her permission, I'm reposting ithere, even though it isn't strictly speaking an SCA filk. Her inspiriation was " One of the Christmas lights displays I saw last night featured a 2D animated outline of a pantless, anatomically correct Santa apparrently... enjoying himself."

This was her response to the trauma:

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

Piped carols in your head
Make you want to slash and shred

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

May the man in the red suit
Bring you lots and lots of loot

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

May your children all survive
Dodgy gifts and sugar highs

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

Shopping crowds you soon dispatch
With your Trusty Viking Axe

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

Christmas dinner's nice I think
I get to feast and fight and drink

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

Santa's Reindeer on your roof
Are Christmas dinner on the hoof

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

Don't forget to pack your swords
To deal with your in-laws

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

Baubles, tinsel, lights and trees
Be sure you have batteries

Merry Christmas *thud*
Merry Christmas *thud*

(May you not see Santa's Elves
Doing rude things to themselves)

Current Mood: amused
Friday, November 17th, 2006
12:15 pm
Too funny not to share
Where you are: Canton of Lion's End, EK, Long Island NY

Backstory: The tale of a particularily amusing event that took place at Agincourt this past Saturday. The pictures make it even funnier. Well, for women, anyway.

Original Song: The Guess Who: American Woman
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you... Mongolian Woman!Collapse )

Current Mood: amused
Monday, August 28th, 2006
4:00 pm
Let us not forget the scan, cousin of the filk
A few years ago I was working a Robin Hood Faire and was part of the pub sing. One of the pieces was Thomas Campion's "Never Weather-beaten Saile". About 2 weeks before the show it occured to me that this scanned well to "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"

Verse: Neuer weather-beaten Saile more willing bent to shore,
Neuer tyred Pilgrims limbs affected slumber more

Bass/knowledgeble audience chants "O come quickly O Come quickly O come quickly O Come quickly" hereout

Voice overs: "Than my wearied spright now longs to flye"
"ou-u-u-t of my troubled brest"
(yes 1 too many) "Sweetest Lord take my soule to rest"

Do the same for the 2nd verse which is originally:

Euer-blooming are the ioys of Heau'ns high paradice,
Cold age deafes not there our eares, nor vapour dims our eyes :
Glory there the Sun outshines, whose beames the blessed
onely see ;
O come quickly, glorious Lord, and raise my spright to thee.
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