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Filk in the SCA falls into three broad catagories - filk writen about a specific event, about a specific person or about a general SCA experience or feeling. All of these become valuable tools for recording our in-game history, sharing our experiences and feelings, and in some cases, letting off steam when someone or something is less than the SCA ideal.

However, the meaning and understanding of SCA specific filk relies on an understanding of the topic. For that reason, please take the time to add the following at the start of your posts:

Where you are: (group, Kingdom, mundane location)
Backstory: (explain who the people are, the incident, etc)
Original Song: (the name, and if possible the artist who sang/the musical its from/etc of the song filked)

Please also adhere to the following rules:

1. Only post your own material, or CITED material already widely available (e.g. already posted on the web, available in a free collection) or CITED material the author of which has given you permission to post.

2. Defamation and libel are real, legal things, with real, legal consequences. The anonymity on this list is purely down to how anonymous your account is. There are times when someone needs to be told they are acting like a poo-head, but if this is one of those times, you need to justify your cause, and you need to be careful that what you say is the truth. And be prepared for the backlash, if it comes.

3. Material that contains obcenity or could be deemed offensive at the very least should be put behind a lj-cut. Really offensive material should not be posted, or I may remove it.

4. Constructive criticism is a good thing, even if it hurts the ego a little. Destructive criticism is not. Learn to tell the difference.

5. If you wish to add someone else's work to your own repetoir, please ask them first, and always cite their moral rights/copyright.